craft beer by the can

ATOM Oscilations


Blueberry Pale Ale A smashable Pale Ale packed with ripe blueberries and a tropical hop medley of Sabro and Mosaic. Summer in a can, with a hint of chewy red grape. 5.8%


Fruit IPA 6.5% Brewed with Black Iris’ great pals from up North, Turning Point Brew Co, this Fruit IPA is jam packed with 50kg of Papaya and 50kg of Passionfruit. Plenty of lactose and a big Aussie dry hop add balance to fruit acidity. A self-declared contender for their longest and most ridiculous beer name [...]

craft beer by the can

Salt hexagon project #7


6% sour ipa brewed in collaboration with New Zealand Hop Growers ‘Hop Revolution’. This sour IPA aims to showcase New Zealand’s most flavoursome hops. The Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops are the stars of this beer, providing notes of gooseberry and white wine. These aromas are paired with a layered sourness to produce a fruit-led, [...]

craft beer by the can

Vocation twisted sour


This is our super-crisp, teasingly twisted taste of summer.  Gently kettle-soured to complement and enhance the citrus notes of Valencia and blood oranges. It’s summer in a can. Style: Fruited Kettle Sour ABV: 4.5%

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