Embracing the magic of nature, Mother of the Woods brings gifts from the wild outdoors and bottles them. This wild ale uses foraged juniper and hibiscus flowers to add pine like herbal, and lightly tart, earthily wild flavours to a botanical, pink gin spritz style beer. 7% ABV 37.5cl


Sitting Upright Blended Wild Ale w/ Raspberry, Rose & Vanilla 6.1% ABV, 750ml Bottle This Blended Wild Ale combines subtle sweetness and bright floral notes from vanilla and rose water with juicy raspberry. Blended from beers one to two years in red wine barrels and two-year aged spontaneous beer. ALLERGENS: GLUTEN WHEAT BARLEY OATS COFFEE


The Way It Could Have Been Blended Wild Ale w/ Chuckleberries 750ml Blended Wild Ale with Chuckleberries. Balancing bright fruit, zippy acidity, sweetness and spicy yeast character, this is a blend of beer aged up to four years in red wine barrels with foudre beer conditioned on chuckleberries. Aged a further 10 months in port [...]

drinkers for Ukraine

Varvar sweet child o’ wine


Beer from Varvar (Kiev) all profits we make shall be donated We hope to raise £1200 to help https://drinkersforukraine.com/ The excellent folks at https://www.euroboozer.co.uk/blog/varvarbrew have begun the initiative of UK bars & restaurants to assist the people of Ukraine. Sweet child o’ wine 330ml bottle Sweet Child o’Wine When crafters gather for a glass of [...]

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