If your not returning a bottle please order separately (£1 deposit) Kaltenberg Hell – a delightful Royal Lager. 4.1% Kaltenberg Royal Lager is brewed according to the Bavarian purity law and the family recipes of His Royal Highness Prince Luitpold of Bavaria.  Brewed with selected malt varieties, chosen and approved by the Royal Bavarian Brewmaster, [...]


Gospel Green Brut is the most champagne-like cider you’ll ever see (and sip). This is cider but not as you know it! In 1990 Gospel Green’s founder, James Lane, started making his own artisan cider in order to convince his wife Cathy, a lifelong cider-opposer, that it was possible to produce a super sophisticated cider [...]


If your not returning a bottle please order separately (£1 deposit) Dry  4.8% Black Rat Cider has built some what of a cult following since being established in March 1988, not only in the UK but currently being the largest selling cider in Japan, Thailand and Scandinavia.


Madrí Excepcional aims to capture “El alma de Madrid” or “The Soul of Madrid” and has all the taste characteristics of a modern European-style lager. The crisp, clean and refreshing liquid is full of flavour and aroma at 4.6% ABV, with a light golden colour and a smooth, well-rounded taste profile with a short bitter [...]


Choose from our current selection of real Ales, usually local. If your not returning a deposit bottle, please order separately Please note availability is subject to sales inside the pub, if your ordering in advance rather than same day collection, the range may change.


Kairos is a golden session IPA infused with fresh lemon zest, which enhances the tropical fruit aromas of the Citra hops and gives a long, refreshing finish. 4.4%


5.6% Welcome to tropical hop heaven. Soundwave is eminently drinkable, full of flavour and subtle with bitterness. Our most famous beer pours with an inviting haze, while big-hitting American hops deliver fruit notes in abundance and a trademark resinous finish.


Premium Lager. 4.7% Staropramen, perfectly balanced for over 150 years, is a traditional Czech Pilsner which is brewed with passion using the finest ingredients including premium Czech hops. It has a fine hoppy, slightly fruity aroma and a refreshing balanced taste. In 1869, Jan Kohout and Vilem Pick had a dream to make a perfect [...]


A dank and juicy India Pale Ale, featuring a large dose of spelt malt and flaked oats, liberally hopped with Mosaic and Columbus.   6.2% ABV   ALLERGENS: Gluten (Barley, Spelt, Oats) Unfiltered, unpasteurised and vegan friendly


If your not returning a bottle please order separately (£1 deposit) Refreshing Golden pale Pilsener with a clean taste, perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt, subtle bottom fermenting yeast tones and mild hoppy bitterness 4.8%


If your not returning a bottle please order separately (£1 deposit) medium Dry  4.8%


our bottles are returnable, hence the £1 deposit. only order if you need a new bottle, rather than a swap for an empty. Extra returns to deliveries shall be refunded

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