order a deposit bottle if not returning one 5.9% Not one of your five a day. ORANGE. MANGO. IPA.


4.5% A fresh core beer, born from Lockdown – an IPA that was a silver lining in dark times, when we could finally give some thought and time to experimenting with a few styles we hadn’t gotten round to and get the recipe locked down.  Our sessionable New England style IPA is the final addition [...]


Polly have started to use a new yeast strain and applied it to a trademark Polly’s IPA – super fruity, and with some herbal and floral notes to balance the juice. Polly says “All hail the Fog! We were so impressed with our first London Fog fermented beer, Dream Mate, that we’ve gone all out; [...]


our bottles are returnable, hence the £1 deposit. only order if you need a new bottle, rather than a swap for an empty. Extra returns to deliveries shall be refunded

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