Unfiltered First brewed 1996; claimed to be based on a recipe from 1679 which used wheat, oat and barley. Tripel Karmeliet is a very refined and complex golden-to-bronze brew with a fantastic creamy head. These characteristics derive not only from the grains used but also from restrained hopping with Styrians and the fruity nature (banana [...]


La Chouffe blonde 8% 750ml La Chouffe is an unfiltered blonde beer, which is re-fermented in the bottle as well as in the keg. It is pleasantly fruity, with a light hop taste and spiced with coriander. Type: Ale Style: Belgian, Wheat

Packaged craft beers

Lindeman – Gueuze Cuvee Rene


An ancient beer style, Gueuze, or Geuze, (pronounced “GOO-za”) is wild-fermented wheat beer that is made with only aged hops, and those in small quantities. Because gueuze is fermented by multiple strains of yeast, acting over an extended period, it is a testimony & tribute to the yeast strains of the Senne River Valley. The [...]


75cl 7.5% “This is the masterpiece of which I am most proud, as is one of my sons after whom it is named. What makes this traditional kriek special is that it is brewed with whole cherries. Since real Schaerbeek cherries are scarce, Lindemans Brewery has found their perfect equivalence elsewhere in Europe. It is [...]


Lindemans Pecheresse is a beer from Belgium that we would class as Lambicand Fruit. GLASS Stem VEGAN FRIENDLY Yes GLUTEN FREE No LOOK Pours a hazy yellow orange with an off white head. SMELL Strong aromas of fresh peach juice followed by sugar sweet candy sweets. TASTE Sharp crisp taste of peach accompanies this sweet Lambic fruit beer.


6.2% We find the most wonderful thing about modern brewing is the constantly changing trends and styles. The Mountain IPA is a style we’re really on board with after stumbling across it when hanging out with pioneers of the style Odell Brewing at Friends, Family & Beer in 2020. Specifically designed to accentuate the crisp [...]

Draught craft beer

Litre of portobello POLARI


Polari is a collaborative Pale Ale brewed to support Stonewall Housing. We are donating 10p from the sale of every pint to the charity 4.2% Brewed with a Pale Malt base, Polari is a beautiful golden copper colour with structure and bitterness from Amarillo followed by a seven-day dry hop with Eldorado and Citra for [...]


Choose from our current selection of real Ales, usually local. See here for an live choice & our upcoming beers https://www.realalefinder.com/beerboard/?the-townhouse-petersfield If your not returning a deposit bottle, please order separately Please note availability is subject to sales inside the pub, if your ordering in advance rather than same day collection, the range may change.


5.6% abv. Malted barley. Dry and light-bodied to better showcase the individuality of the hops in both aroma and flavour. A basic recipe is followed, with each batch utilising different hop varieties from around the world based on seasonality, availability, and the whims of the brewer.


NORTH RIDING Wild Turkey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – 660ml Our Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 12%, a collaboration brew with our friends from The Needle & Pin, Loughborough. Brewed back in September 2020, allowed to mature in bourbon casks for over 12 months so you can really appreciate the full flavours of [...]

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6% classic Somerset dry cider, complete with aromatic tannins and a long, balanced bittersweet finish


7.2% Double dry hopped IPA brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic, Idaho 7 and more Simcoe. We liked it, so we put a ring pull on it.. sorry. Not sorry.

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