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Verdant Neal gets things done


With a busy hops bill that includes lashings of Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops, Neal Gets Things Done is the latest juicy explosion from the juicy explosion specialists. 6.5%


Explorations within the world of hops in the West Coast IPA style. With this iteration we see Idaho 7 and Simcoe marry up in dank, bitter citric harmony.’ 6%

craft beer by the can

Verdant X CRAK unplanned alignment


Unplanned Alignment 7% ABV IPA 440ml

Eclipse is a brand new Australian hop variety that packs a tangerine punch, and when Simply Hops got in contact to say they had 50kg we could use in a collaboration with CRAK we jumped at the chance. 

Coupled with heaps of Amarillo and Citra the resultant beer [...]


Boasting a rich and slick mouthfeel, this pours an impenetrable shade of black, with a rich mahogany head that bubbles with indulgent aromas of dark chocolate and fresh coffee at the surface. Bright flavours of bramble berries and sour cherries follow before crashing against those rich cocoa notes. Finally a robust bitter finish revives the [...]

craft beer by the can

Vibrant forest PUPA


PUPA is built to sit between east and west coast styles of American IPA. Both aroma and flavour swell with a deep hit of light citrus and ripe tropical fruits. Oats create a full yet smooth mouthfeel and the fruity yeast strain lends a soft stone fruit flavour to the finish. STYLE: PALE ALE ALC [...]

craft beer by the can

Vocation roll with it


5.2% Roll With It is our brand-new free and easy pale. The perfect beer to share with friends and celebrate the return to normality.  Brewed with a high hop content and low ABV, this is one of the most crushable beers we’ve ever brewed. When brewing Roll With It, we added 15g/l in the Dry-Hop. The [...]

craft beer by the can

Vocation twisted sour


This is our super-crisp, teasingly twisted taste of summer.  Gently kettle-soured to complement and enhance the citrus notes of Valencia and blood oranges. It’s summer in a can. Style: Fruited Kettle Sour ABV: 4.5%

craft beer by the can

Whiplash BOnE machine


IPA Bone Machine is our straight-up modern American IPA. Beginning with super soft water its grist is over 60% Oat and Wheat Malt layered onto biscuity and complex British Floor Malted Pale. 100% Whirlpool hopped with Oregon Cascades, fermented on English ale yeast and finally double dry hopped- with Ekuanot and brand spanking new BRU-1 [...]

craft beer by the can

Wiper and true KALIDOSCOPE


4.2% Kaleidoscope combines three different hops to create a seasonally evolving flavour profile. Whilst the hops may change, our intention remains the same – to create a beer that is harmonious, bright and refreshing.  Suitable for vegans.


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