craft beer by the can

Vocation – hop showcase


7.2% 440ml HOP SHOWCASE Putting flavour centre stage, our Hop Showcase series celebrates the distinctive taste of each of our favourite hops. These single-hopped beers are released in pairs so it’s up to you to put them to the test. Compare, contrast and crown your winner. NELSON SAUVIN HOPS With a cool, crisp fruitiness much [...]


Reminisce of fruity times gone by and get stuck into this super juicy beverage that’s made with Citra and Chinook hops and more grapefruit than you can shake a market fruit stall at. You’ll be acting like that fruity adolescent that you once were in no time at all. Unfined and unfiltered beer 440ml Can [...]


A Pale Ale with Big Body and Mosaic Hops  4.2% ABV

craft beer by the can

Wishbone – tiller pin


NEIPA 6.5%


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