April reopening

We keep saying this... we're back!! its like every Schwarzenegger movie in the 80's. 
The garden will be open for groups of up to 6 persons (yes we know that legally households etc. are allowed to be greater, but we just don't have the space to be that flexible) from Thursday 15th April.
You must individually check into the pub with either the NHS app. Or a paper form. Legally we cannot serve you without this occurring. 
Table service remains the way to order once seated.

we advise booking a table, its on a 2 hour basis, walk in trade will be allocated around pre booked seats.  We will start with Thursday - Sunday and extend this if trade exists, given the time of year, confidence in mixing we envisage a lot less footfall, but are ready to react if this is an incorrect assumption.

Our food menu shall grow over the weeks ahead, As supply chains remain restricted due to Brexit, some import duties are just too much to pass on, or absorb and hospitality companies getting back up to speed will take time, so we've been forced to change some of our products slightly. some have changed for good, others shall return as they become available.

our deliveries shall continue (albeit on reduced days) and takeaway sales are now to be allowed.

there is no 10pm curfew, substantial meals are not a requirement, and a sense of normality can return.
we still ask you to wear a mask until you sit, and pop it back on as you move about, there is enough sanitizer to fill the open air swimming pool in the building, so be liberal!

By the time were back open our team will have only been allowed to work for 8 months of the past 12, so we maybe a tad rusty, bear with us as we readjust - thank you in advance.

Dom & the whole team x

UPDATE 30th March - the politicians have decreed that track & trace is still viable. Although hospitality is the only part of the country or where it’s enforced, we are expected to ensure Every individual checks in on the NHS app, or gives paper track & trace.


Sadly to protect the jobs of our team, we’re now forced to collect data for the state, so glad we spent all that money on data protection over the years, fat lot of use it was.

So please reinstall that app, as we know you’ve not used it in months.

Strangely, the staff are not obliged to do so...

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