Lockdown v3 & beyond

Hi all, we’ve been closed for almost 2 months now – good start to 2021! Filling the days homeschooling & evenings spent delivering beer like a nocturnal milkman for adults.

Being closed is hard. money still has to go out, depite being closed for 168 days last year, with a 50% drop in sales when we were actually open, we still had to pay full rent, etc etc etc, (now a lot of help has been given – grants & rates holidays, but we’re now getting concerned.) We’re now closer to opening, but soon the repayments start on the loans taken to prop us up last March, our staff are sat idle, the treasury isn’t getting the tax it usually does in duty & VAT. Our industry is buggered. When the taxes rise to pay back the cost of covvid to the banks, social spending will drop overall, outside opening is announced, but it’s not going to pay for the operation, and we’re lucky, we have a garden ! Doubtful it will be affordable to open until you can be inside.

We really hope that the imminent budget safeguards small business, we know the large companies in our sector are worried, but they have the collateral to borrow at much better rates. We’re so thankful for the online orders from the local area, they’re offsetting the losses slightly.

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