So we’re fans of beer. And on the bucket list is a long weekend in Munich swilling, singing & shouting – given our passport expired during lockdown it’s not happening for at least another year. So we thought we would bring it to you

Between 17th sept & 3rd October we’ve decided to import a whole pallet of beer from Munich. Special brewers beers & food in keeping (think pork knuckle & pretzels!)

Realising the challenge to make this happen our kitchen team have been working on treats for a while, pickling & testing dishes

Only six breweries in Munich have the license and permission to brew original Oktoberfest Bier, so although you may have had a version of an Oktoberfest bier – the original ones have to come from Munich. So make sure you get the good stuff!

Our selection includes draught & bottled beers from PAULANER, HACKER PSCHORR, HOFBRAU, SPATEN, FLOTZINGER & WEINENSTEPHEN.


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