We are upset by seeing comments about other pubs that have had to close “well it’s just pubs that’s closed, they are not essential’…..”

Tell that to our butcher, fish supplier, window cleaner, local printer, coffee suppliers, veg supplier, beer suppliers, wine and spirit suppliers, cash and carry, uniform supplier, electrician, plumber, handyman, coffee machine engineers, gas installers, cleaning supplier, waste management, beer gas supplier, all the telesales staff in each of their businesses, all the delivery drivers in each business and all their suppliers, the sales reps, the breweries, the pub company employees, the delivery teams, the purchasers, the maintenance teams…..

Tell that to the kids that parents wages pay for their Christmas, their saturday football fees, their dance classes…. The small businesses locally that depend on their custom and won’t be getting it on their reduced wages. The landlords of houses relying on their rent, or payments on mortgages.

Tell that to the electrical suppliers, gas suppliers, water companies, phone and broadband companies, the credit card machine companies, alarm monitoring service, accountants, bank fees, rent or mortgage companies, as these all need to be paid or deferred when the businesses are not taking money.

Tell that to the government who ‘are paying the staffs wages’ yet the business still needs to pay the staffs NI and pension contributions.

Tell that to the coffee shops, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, community hubs, small businesses that are part of bigger venues that still can’t open and you will soon understand ‘well they are not vital’ becomes a much bigger picture if for one second you stop and think about it.

Tell that to the people who live alone, who’s social life is meeting friends in pubs and bars, they may not drink alcohol, but pubs are much more than beer, they are part of our community, our formal and informal social networking.

The public house staff member is a agony aunt, a councillor and a therapist, to many, were the only ears that listen, or understand.

Because of all of there people – We’re going to try & trade, starting this coming Wednesday. as are many other small businesses in the area. support them if you can.

There are 8 pubs in our town centre, and another 7 within 2 miles of us. This has affected us all, some of us can’t reopen, but sadly, some probably won’t. We have 13 staff, some of these pubs have more, but there are at least 200 people directly reliant on your social experience for their livelihoods.

Buy a gift voucher from them for your relatives, invite them for a drink when this is over, buy a takeaway meal from a local business. Support your local/community pub, if you can, the town will be a sadder place without it.

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